Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well I've finally decided to start primering the house. I cant paint the house until I've rebuilt the front porch but at least I can primer it so it doesn't look so bad.

So far I've gotten most of the first floor front done:

In the first picture you can just see another project I recently finished, the mailbox:

I used a cedar post and then put on a coat of amber shellac. The numbers are oil-rubbed bronze.

I've also been working on the electrical in the house. I've gotten the upstairs hallway light wired up and also our bedroom ceiling fan:

Today I'll be back at work one the primering...


Kathy said...

Very nice, it's it amazing what a coat of paint can do? Looks great!

Victoria said...

I wish I was brave enough to tackle electric anything. That's one thing that I really don't trust myself with. Your mail box looks wonderful! I purchased all of my mail box supplies a month ago and haven't gotten around to it- but you inspired me. I almost feel guilty for making my mail man put our mail in that crooked old thing. Keep up the good work.