Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunroom Exterior Walls

A real, actual post! Yes, I know it's been ages. I stopped working on the house a few years ago because I accepted a new position at work that requires me to travel a lot. Oh, and we've also had 3 kids in 4 years. I am now in between projects that require travel so I figured that now is a good time to get back to work on the house and try to finish it up.

The project I chose to start on is the exterior of the sunroom. I never finished the exterior walls when I built the sunroom, a combination of white pine trim boards with no paint, only primer on some of them, and a major design flaw, caused a lot of rot.

The bottom exterior trim board ended up sandwiched in with the deck ledger board, creating a pocket to hold, moisture and leaves.

The area circled is where the moisture and leaves would collect. You can see all the rot.

I removed all the rotted boards and put up new plywood.

This time around I decided to use siding instead of paneling. I added siding to the bottom and top areas, and installed new trim boards where they were needed. There is now a small gap between the siding and the edge of the deck for water to shed off.

I then caulked all the seams and began primering the trim.

Most of the trim has been primered. Tomorrow I will finish primering the trim and the siding and then I can paint everything to match the house.

I will tackle the windows at a later time. I will have to remove one at a time, strip them down completely, primer, paint, reinstall glass and glaze. Not really looking forward to that part.