Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to work

I can finally get back to work on the house now that my work schedule has returned to normal.

One of the first things we did was to start clearing out rooms. We want to move in as soon as possible so we will need some living space.

The parlor has been our furniture storage space for the past few months. We emptied it out and setup our parlor furniture.

We are going to try to save the wallpaper in here, it will need to be patched in a few areas and will need a thorough cleaning.

Both of the above chairs will be recovered to match the parlor set.

The next two pieces were found at a yard sale in Alabama.

After much research I believe both pieces to be from the early 1800's (1820-1840). They are Empire style. We got the couch for $35 and the dresser for $25. I will need to replicate a leg for the dresser.

Next we turned our attention to the Living Room. This room has been a storage area for all of my tools and wood.

After clearing out the room, I pulled the mantle the rest of the way off of the wall so I could reattach it properly. Behind the mantle I found a small flyer.

Looking up info on KaDell-Kritchfield I found that they were a theater troupe that did their shows under a big top in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The other project that we've been working on is the first floor bathroom. The floor has to be finished before the rest of the plumbing can be installed.

I decided to go with a Tung Oil finish. Here is the floor after the first two coats.

The tung oil really gives the floor a great warm color.