Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Porch Update

I finished painting the white trim area on the porch and finished up installing the drip edge.

This is how the porch looks as of now.

Next I'm going to turn my attention to the upstairs balcony.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Installing drip edge on porch roof

Yesterday I began installing the drip edge on the porch roof. I should have done this last year when I installed the shingles but for some reason I didnt.

I had to cut the drip edge for the curved section of the roof. It's sort of like a kerf cut.

I was able to complete about 2/3 of the roof. I still have to paint the other part before I put the drip edge up.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Screen Porch

Over the weekend I worked on the screen porch. I had mentioned earlier that there was one small section that I didnt get screened in because I needed to finish framing it in. When this was a sunroom this section was just closed off, there wasnt a window here. You can see the section I'm talking about in this picture from last week. It's the small strip between the column and the wall.

Here is the basic framing.

Instead of hacking up the trim on the columns as was done previously I cut the framing to fit around the trim.

You can see the missing trim that was cut away previously, this will be replaced later.

I added beadboard to the top to match the rest of the porch then primered and painted it and installed the screen.

There are still lots of little trim pieces to add to it but I needed to hurry and get the final screen up.

With the porch completely screened in we cleared the room out and pulled up the masonite that was stapled down to the original floor. It took about an hour to pull out all the 1" long staples from the floor.

With that done we brought our wicker furniture in.

The next day I began work on the brackets for the screen doors. We still have one original screen door on the house, it is on the upstairs front porch door. The screen door is built the exact same way but it has some very nice brackets on them.

I removed one of the brackets to use as a pattern.

Sixteen brackets later and I primered and painted them.

Then installed them.

Man, what a difference it makes. Soon I'll build a screen door for the front door, then all the screen doors on the house will match.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Columns complete

Yesterday afternoon I finished painting the columns. I still have some trim to install on them but that needs to wait until the railing and balusters get installed.

I also attached the aluminum screen to the doors, installed them, and installed the screen all the way around the screen porch (except for one small area that needs some more framing). Hopefully today I can scrape, primer, paint and install the trim that covers the edges of the screen.