Friday, September 25, 2009

Old letter find

I found an old letter from J. A, Aycock whom I believe to be the original owner of the house. I found it, of all places, online on e-bay. The letter is to a John W. Park. He was an attorney and was also president of the Georgia Bar Association.

The letter was about Mr. Aycock not being able to repay a debt right away. Not sure what he would have needed an attorney for but I sure would like to know. It's dated June 14, 1902.

The really interesting thing about the letter is that it is written on Mr. Aycock's letterhead. As it turns out he was a contractor and woodworker. If he was the original owner of the house and was the builder then that would explain all the nice wood moldings in the house. I've been told by locals that there used to be a lot more elaborate moldings in the house "the likes of which they've never seen before". Unfortunately they were all stolen when the house was being rented out by the previous owner.


Victoria said...

that is such an awesome find! I have no history on our home what so ever. That is so impressive that you managed to find something like that on ebay.

Holly said...

I cannot believe you found that on Ebay! What an awesome find!!!

Debbie said...

That is sooo cool. I am an avid genealogy researcher... and can't wait to find out who were the first people to live in a 101 year old house I'm buying.

I did a quick search on and found a census record for J.A. Aycock if you want me to email it to you.

Researching is an addiction. lol