Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunroom Windows

I worked on the sunroom windows yesterday afternoon and only got 2 more done. It's very slow going, First I have to build the casing for each window, every trim piece either has a miter or a bevel cut plus I'm having to cut about 3/4" off each side of each window. Once all the windows are installed I'll go back and remove them one by one to restore them properly.

I had to stop doing that and go upstairs into the attic above the kitchen and dining room to install a knee wall. The plumbers need the wall in place so they can install the water heater. Half of this attic space will become our laundry room.

The water heater will sit where the plumbing is in front of the new wall (A new door will be opened up to the left out of the picture). I only built this small portion of the wall because at the end of it the wall will break right about 3 feet before turning back. The knee wall at that point will only be about 3' high. This will give us more room in this space.

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mike & rachel said...

Great re-use of those windows! Looks great