Monday, March 23, 2009

Kitchen cabinet installation

I'm learning some things as I go so sometimes I have to go back and correct some mistakes. One of them is the window sill for the sunroom, or the lack of one. I realized that I hadn't allowed room for one so I dropped the lower 2x4 cross braces down a few inches and installed a 2x6 sill. the sill is slanted downward 7 degrees to match the bottoms of the windows.

I've since installed one window but I stopped because I didn't have enough of the trim I needed.

I also installed the sub-floor in the upstairs bathroom. Hopefully we'll have a toilet soon...

I got the cabinet issue sorted out. Turns out that there are no 15" deep cabinets. You sandwich two 2x4's together behind the cabinet to bring it out 3". I had thought this might be the case but wanted to make sure.

With that issue resolved we were able to start hanging them again. We could not hang all of the uppers because of a few issues. We realized that the cabinet above the vent hood is too big. The cabinet maker will be building the vent hood to fit, with a 24" cabinet above it I think it will look too squat so we'll be replacing it with an 18" tall one. Second, the upper to the left of the window by the sink is too small. For some reason we got a 12" instead of a 15".

Once the uppers were done we began installing the base cabinets and quickly realized that the floor wasn't going to work. It was no where near level enough for the cabinets. So I removed all the base cabinets, removed the plywood base that I had put down for them, took a bunch of measurements, then cut a bunch of 2x4 shims and installed them. Then I laid the plywood base down on top of them.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this but you can see the edge of it in some of the cabinet pictures below. I'm going to have to bring the rest of the floor up before I install the travertine now since I had to raise it over 1 1/2" in some areas.

The wall oven cabinet is not installed yet. The upper cabinet for it is the wrong size so I need to wait for the replacement.

We're hoping to get the rest of these issues fixed soon so we can finish the installation.

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