Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hanging the cabinets

We began hanging the cabinets yesterday.

We only had 2 cabinets up before we noticed that they screwed our order up. We have 3 cabinets that sit 6" higher than the rest. These 3 have to be 15" instead of 12" to give the crown on the cabinets on either side something to butt up to. Well they gave us 12" cabinets. We checked the sheet and it has the 3 15" cabinets on them so we did order them. The problem is the cabinet people are now on vacation in Jamaica until next Friday.

Here are the 3 upper cabinets we got installed. The lower in the picture is just there for reference.

Since we cant do anything more with the cabinets we're going to turn our attention to other things this weekend.

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