Saturday, March 7, 2009

Demoing the addition

It's been a very busy week out at the Woodbury house. Today's post will mostly be pictures as I'm in a hurry since we'll be back out there working by the time this posts.

My last post left off with sheetrocking the kitchen. I finished another wall that day. I still have 2 walls to finish.

We did a quick mock-up of our main bathroom next.

We've already demoed the walls since then. I'll be releveling the floor then installing 5" white oak. We found a really good deal for .99 cents a foot.

I had to remove the floor in the upstairs bathroom for the plumbers to do their thing. When I had the floor up I found that the original plumbers hacked up the joists pretty bad so I had to sister in new joists.

The next day I turned my attention to demoing the addition.

In the last pic I'm cutting away the rotted flooring. The flooring that the saw is sitting on is not rotted and the joists under it are fine also. I will level this area, add new joists to the rotted area and use this floor as the sub-floor for the sun room. The flooring from where the saw is laying all the way to wards the camera will be removed and replaced with a deck.

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Kristy said...

The removal of the addition opens up so much space, I'm glad that you included photos of the process.

Goodness, I envy all those that have bathrooms larger than a closet. Mine is 5x8 and that includes the tub space.