Monday, March 16, 2009

Finishing up the sun room framing

Since we cant do anything else with the kitchen until we get the correct cabinets I've turned my attention back to the sunroom. I still had some framing left to do.

First I had to remove the windows from the old sun room so I could measure them.

With the windows removed I could accurately measure the height so I would know where to install the headers.

Then I installed the headers.

and the rest of the framing for the roof.

and then the sheathing.


Kristy said...

The sunroom is coming along so nicely and those windows are great.

Todd Fratzel, P.E. said...

Good thing you live in GA.....that header wouldn't be legal in most parts of the country. Do you have minimum header sizes down there?

Jason and Heather said...

I dont know if it's legal or not but it's the exact same way the original part of the house was built. If that can still be solid after over 120 years then I think it's good enough for a sunroom.

We dont exactly have a department of building & zoning in our tiny town. :)

Todd Fratzel, P.E. said...

I meant no offense. That's a true statement about many structures but today's building codes are much stricter. Just keep in mind when you build something that doesn't meet code you can face issues down the road. Some things to think about are when you sell a house, sometimes inspectors find things and also if you ever have an insurance claim for a failure, they could deny a claim also. Just something to keep in mind.