Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Framing the sunroom

The last few days were spent framing the sunroom. In the last post I left off with cutting out the rotted areas of the floor. With that done I added new joists and put some floor jacks underneath them for support. The one on the outside corner is temporary, I will come back and add a brick pier in it's place later.

Then I added a double layer of plywood to the open areas to match the existing flooring. As was mentioned earlier, this will become the sub-floor.

Next came the framing of the sunroom.

The studs are 2 and 3 thick since I cant run them 16" on center. I still need to add the headers above the windows and a support stud above and below each window.

Speaking of windows we removed one from the old sunroom and trimmed it up to get an idea of how it will look.

I'll need to sand the frames, replace the missing pieces, reglaze, then paint all the windows.

The roof framing came next. I had originally intended to make this a hip roof but the pitch is so low that I dont think it would have looked right.

During this whole process I actually hired a helper to remove all the debris that was piling up everywhere. He did a great job. He completely filled the 40 yard dumpster within 2 days and almost filled the 30 yarder that replaced it. I've never hired anyone to do this before so it was really nice to not have to do it. I think I got a little spoiled.

He and I demoed the main bathroom walls and the walls in the side hall. You may remember that this side hall used to be the bathroom but it was originally a side hall.

Main bathroom

Side Hall

As you can see in the picture I found the original wainscoting beneath the tile walls. you can also see the 3" drain pipe in the wall on the right, the plumbers have been busy in the upstairs bathroom.

The side hall ceiling is 11' while most of the first floor is 10' (the kitchen and dining room are 11' also). To get the plumbing down from the bathroom upstairs the plumbers had to use that extra foot. I'm going to drop the ceiling in the hall to 10' and use beadboard to match it.

This afternoon I should be back out there to install the tin roof on the sunroom.

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