Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final kitchen demo

Once again I didn't have enough time to do the electrical today. I spent the day finishing up the demo and framing.

First thing I did was to pick up all the plaster and put them into contractor bags. Once that was done I started removing the boards on the wall next to the pantry.

I carefully removed the door frame so it can be reused then removed the rest of the boards.

Then I removed the shelves from the pantry. Unfortunately we're not going to be able to use the pantry since our fridge has to go in this location. It wasn't original to the house but it would have been nice to have.

I put the original studs back in place with 2x4 supports on either side, they are not load bearing so it's ok to do it like that.

Once the drywall is up I'll tear the pantry down and use some of the siding to cover the hole.

I started measuring the new wall so I would know where to install the outlets when I discovered that I was 2 1/2" short on the wall! I didn't notice it when I was laying out the kitchen in CAD because I chose a 27" wall oven cabinet by accident, we'll be getting a 30" oven cabinet.

I cut a small piece of 2x4 to 2 1/2" and screwed it to the floor next to the wall then moved the stud over on top of it. For the other side of the doorway I moved the stud in and cut the footer down 2 1/2".

With that done I went ahead and framed out the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.

Tomorrow we will be back out there to hopefully get the electrical done...

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