Sunday, January 11, 2009

Building the new kitchen wall

We were back at the Woodbury house yesterday. First I needed to tear down the 3 foot sections on either side of where the new wall will be. I had to be careful doing this so as not to disturb the plaster walls next to it.

I used a circular saw to make the cuts. I cut the chair rail and picture rail at 45 degrees since the corners will need to be mitered to meet the new wall. For the very top and bottom I used a sawzall being as careful as I could. I still knocked a little bit of plaster off one area though but it should be pretty easy to patch up.

Here's my chalk line for the first cut:

I cut along the line with the circular saw then removed the plaster and lathe from the wall:

Then I did the same for the other wall:

With that done we spent the next few hours cleaning up the plaster on the floor. We also got rid of a bunch of old appliances in the house by giving them away.

Then we got to work on building the wall:

The studs are a standard 16" on center configuration.

Today We'll be heading back out there and I'll install the header above the door, the door casing, then the wainscoting and the chair rail.

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