Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hall Corner

I've finished the outside corner where the two halls join.

I sanded and put the final coat of mud up on Tuesday.

Then last night I did the final sanding and  painted it.

Next up I need to finish the side hall. As you can see from the pictures above I have a lot of work to do on the beadboard. The side hall was turned into a bathroom in 1922, at some point after that the beadboard was covered up with paneling that was glued to it with some kind of black tar. It's this tar that I need to remove before I can paint it.

I also need to have some picture rail and chair rail replicated for this area as the original is long gone, it was most likely removed when the paneling was put up. The gap between the sheetrock and the beadboard is for the chair rail. I also need to find some crown for the ceiling.


garymac101 said...

Looking great you guys! I do historic restoration and remodeling in Atlanta, GA area, so I can appreciate all the hard work and persistence that is necessary to do what you are doing, especially when you're working and have other stuff to do full-time...oye! We ended up have customers that wanted us to build new custom homes that looked very historically authentic, so check out some our stuff at ,I would love your feedback. I encourage you to keep on with your home as it's looking great and will be so worth it once your done and looking back!!!

Anonymous said...

Black tar makes me scream....the bathroom in our home had it. It was a nightmare to get it off. I don't know about yours but ours was very brittle.