Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Demo-ing the porch floor

The next part of the porch project is the porch floor.

There is a lot of dry rot in many areas of the floor.

First I braced the roof and removed the rest of the columns, here is an in progress pic.

Then I ripped the old floor out.

With the floor boards out I started removing the rotted joists.

Then I began laying in new joists. The joist at the curved part of the porch was especially tricky. I had to cut curved sections out of 2x8's and 1x8's and them sandwich them together.

I finished it off with a few layers of deck sealer since the 1x8's aren't pressure treated.

I've just about got all the joists in on the section in front of the door but I wasn't able to get a picture of it because I worked until dark again.

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Anonymous said...

Seeing your photos reminded me of my own porch rebuild. I SO feel your pain... But the finished product will make it all worthwhile when you can once again walk on your porch without fear of falling through.