Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sealing and grouting the floor

On Thursday I sealed the floor. I put 2 coats down then let it dry overnight. On Friday I grouted then sponged it 3 times. Today when I came back there was still a slight haze on the floor.

I'm going to try to scrub it tomorrow then put down another coat of sealer if I have time.

Today I also laid down a sub-floor in the sunroom in preparation for the oak flooring.

I had to use left over plywood scraps because I'm out of plywood and my truck is broken down for the time being.


Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

Scrub the floor with a piece of burlap or cheese cloth. It will remove all the haze, then just mop it.

boy141 said...

Todd is right. Unfortunately, the PO didn't do it right in my house so I scrapped it up and did it all over agian