Thursday, April 9, 2009

Main Bathroom floor install

One of the things that keeps sidetracking me is that I have to constantly keep ahead of the plumbers so they dont get held up. They're working another job so they're only there 2 days a week as it is.

The floor in the main bathroom is one of the things that was holding them up. The floor is terribly sloped. I needed to level this off before they install the plumbing.

The first thing I had to do was make shims to level the floor. The high point of the floor is near the door, then it slope down in both directions. To make matters worse about 2' from the outer wall it slopes up a little bit then slopes sharply down. First I checked the foundation under the bathroom and found it to be solid. Then I made the shims. Each shim had to be cut to match the section of floor it was going on. I did this by running a string line and taking measurements at key points along it.

With the shims in place I laid the subfloor.

The flooring we got for the bathroom and the sun room is 5" white oak.

It goes down very easy. Because of the random length pieces I didnt have to cut a single board. I would lay out one whole row at a time then nail them down.

This last pic shows the color better than the other pics.

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Jennifer said...

Very nice! Those shorter lengths are easier to work with.