Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet guy showed up with the hood vent and the rest of our cabinets today (minus a door that he is still waiting on). The first thing I did was to install the final upper cabinet and install the mullion doors on the end cabinet (we were shorted a hinge).

Next I built the pantry and fridge cabinet (the pantry cabinet is the one we're waiting on a door for) and then installed the fridge.

We're really not happy with how the hood vent turned out. I'll probably end up getting the parts and building my own (if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself...).

By the way, I dont know what the deal is with my camera, it's a new one and a really good one but these pictures do the cabinets NO justice at all. I think it's the lighting and the settings I have the camera on...

There is still a lot left to do, install the end panels on all the cabinets with exposed sides, valence above the sink, crown and light bars, toekicks, and build the oven cabinet.

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