Sunday, January 27, 2008

The work begins

We went to the Woodbury house yesterday and began work. The upstairs hall has this ugly astroturf looking carpet.

I started pulling up the carpeting only to discover... linoleum.

I had enough time to remove all of the carpeting and half the linoleum before it got dark (no power yet). That's beautiful oak flooring under that linoleum.

I found the attic access and went up for a look. It's huge! The pictures are really bad because I forgot the camera the first time so I snapped these pics from the ladder after I had come back down.

The attic is so large that we could easily add two rooms and a bathroom up here. we've found a perfect spot for stairs also. We could add a window to each of the 3 gables for light. We're not sure about any of this, it's all just planning for now.

The first day of work and I've already got a mystery. When I was up in the attic I noticed that the framing is put together with wire nails! I posted about this on my other house blog a while back when I discovered that that house is not as old as I was told it was. I know the age of the Woodbury house is probably right though, 1888. I know this because first, the architecture definitely has Eastlake influences. I researched the deeds a few months back, I found deeds all the way back to 1904 before I ran out of time. The 1904 deed is transfering the house from an A.P. Dixon to a W.M. Hinton but in the deed it calls the house the J.A. Aycock place (I believe J.A. Aycock is the original owner). So in 1904 we can safely assume that it already had 2 previous owners. 1888 was only 17 years prior.

We're heading back out there this morning to get some more work done. I'm going to finish pulling up the linoleum, pull up the carpeting in the one bedroom that has it, tear down the drywall in the same bedroom (why someone would put up drywall when the walls and ceiling are tongue&groove wood is beyond me), and hopefully do a little yard work. It really looks like a jungle but underneath it all you can still see that once it was beautifully landscaped.


Holly said...

I just wanted to say that my husband and I are in love with your house!! You are where we were a little over 4 years ago... boy did your blog take me back! I want you to check out our front door. It matches yours. I'd love to find the history behind the door, as we have seen others similar in the area.

You're doing a great job! Good to see someone else is as crazy as we are! :)

Oh, can we get a close-up picture of the trim around your interior doors? It looks just like the trim that my husband made himself! Too cool!

Holly said...

I don't think my link posted... to see the door just go to our blog and click on "stained glass progress" on the right!