Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today was closing day for our next house. This is our second house. I couldnt pass it up because we got it for a steal since it was a foreclosure that the bank has owned for a year. Our main house that we live in is the Oxford-Boynton House, We're just finishing up a year and a half long renovation (I dont think we'll ever be done with the renovation but I like to say we are).

The house is a 2 story Victorian built in 1888. I guess you could say the style is Folk Victorian with Eastlake influences.

This is from the back of the property. the lot is just over .5 acre.

This is the barn that's at the back of the property.

Foyer (front door is to the left)

Upstairs Landing

Main Hall


Door to upstairs porch. Most of the detail is obscured by the paint.

Back door in the kitchen. The detail is obscured by the paint on this one too.

I dont have a shot of the front door but it's even more ornate than either of the above two doors.

I'm hoping to start work on the house soon.


Jen said...

Looks like a wonderful challenge!
You will have to come visit us in LaGrange.

mike & rachel said...

Wow! You got a real winner that hasn't been messed with too bad. I can't imagine two "projects" - brave souls.... but I'd probably have done the same if the opportunity came. Good luck!

Jason & Heather said...

Thank you both.

Jen, I have an office in Lagrange, I'm usually there once or twice a year. There are a lot of nice old houses there.

Mike, this house is in no where near as bad a shape as our current house was. Plus, most of the original hardware and detail work is still there. This should be a much easier restoration (knock on wood).

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Again, such great detail!