Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exterior paint progress

Here are a some pictures from a few weeks back. I had my brother in law over for a day to help me out.

I stopped working over Thanksgiving and haven't had a chance to do anything since, I've been too busy with work. I'm hoping to get some things accomplished soon though.


Anonymous said...

Wow that must have been a lot of work! But it looks great.

Amanda said...

Hello! I recently discovered your blog when I was looking for other blogging-century home-DIY-homeowners. Your blog caught my eye because there seem to be quite a few similarities between our homes. Our house from the exterior looks a bit like yours, just flipped. We suspect our house originally had a porch too. Your interior doors are also the same style as the few remaining original doors that we have. Our home was built in 1870.

lauren said...
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lauren said...

The yellow looks great for that style of house.

Lauren from