Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kitchen Backsplash pt 1

Yesterday I began working on the kitchen backsplash. I put this off for a long time because I thought it was going to be a real pain to install. It turned out to be quite easy. The only thing is, once you start you cant stop so it gets a bit tedious after a while.

Here is a picture of the first section, most of the cuts were just cutting the tile in half for the top and bottom of the diamond portion. The only other ones were around the outlets and a few at the ends of the walls. I'm using 4x4 Country Beige travertine with a 1/16th in. grout line.

Here are a couple after pictures:

We will be hanging corbels under the edge of the cabinets on either side of the hood vent, that is why some of the pencil trim looks like it's missing on either side of the framed in area in the picture below.

The black circle is the water line for a pot filler.

This afternoon comes the grout.

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msdils said...

Hi. I am fully researching your blog. We just bought a mid-Western Folk Victorian style house that in the past had been lovingly renovated, unfortunately not always up to the character of the house. So I'm investigating ideas and developing my short- and long-range goals to bring it back to what it should be. Your blog is so helpful AND interesting! Thanks very much. I'll be reading!