Monday, May 11, 2009

Building the deck and oven cabinet

I know I haven't posted in a few weeks but it's because I kept forgetting the camera, not for lack of work.

Last week I built the oven cabinet, installed the double ovens and the cooktop.

We also got our sink faucet in, it's a really nice bridge faucet in oil rubbed bronze from Signature Hardware.

We spent last weekend landscaping the front of the house. I probably should have rebuilt the front porch first but the yard was looking really bad.

The landscaping is a mix of boxwood, holly, gardenia, and azalea.

The big project we've been working on is the deck. First I had to tear down the old porch deck. I had to cut it apart section by section. I had wanted to save the flooring, it was a full 1" thick, but it was very moldy so I couldn't.

There is a well under where the porch was next to the kitchen door, I'm not sure what I am going to do with it.

With the area cleared out I could begin building the new deck. First I hung the ledger boards, Then I placed the piers that will hold up the brace beam. I dug holes at each location and filled them with concrete to give the piers a solid foundation. I also had to prime the side of the sunroom before I installed the ledger board on it.

Then I built the beam. It is built out of 2 pressure treated 2x10's sandwiched together. The span is 21' long, there are no 2x10's that long so I had to make each beam 10' 6". I installed an extra pier at the location where they meet in the middle.

The deck will extend another 2' 6" beyond the beam, right up to the old stairs. I plan on keeping them.

I forgot the joist hangers so I had to leave it at that today. Hopefully I can get back out there tomorrow and finish installing the joists and put the decking down.

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Kristy said...

The kitchen is coming along so nicely, thanks for the update. The house looks great, you can definately tell you are putting in a lot of love and attention.

As for the landscaping, sometimes you just have to start somewhere even if the projects around it haven't been touched.