Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Gate II

Over the weekend I built the upstairs baby gate. You may remember earlier when I built the baby gate for the bottom of the stairs.

I built this one a few inches shorter to match the railings upstairs. I used the same walnut balusters that I used for the downstairs gate and poplar for the frame again.

Here is a picture of it ready for primer.

Once it was primered and painted I made another handrail out of heart pine.

Here is a picture of the railing after the rough cuts were made.

I dont have a round-over router bit of the correct size so I'm having to make the cuts on my table saw then round them over with a sander. After this picture was taken I used a dado blade on my table saw to make the recessed cut on the bottom of the railing so it will fit over the top of the gate, sorry I didnt get a picture of that.

Once the railing was sanded I used Red Chestnut stain from Minwax to get the correct tone to the wood then put on a coat of poly.

Once it dried I installed the railing then put up the gate.

Here are a few pics.

As you can see from the pictures I still have a lot of work to do upstairs. The railings and the balls on top of the newels will be stripped and stained, everything else will be repainted.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I love the way these turned out. I'd like to do the same thing someday when we have kids. It's hard to tell from the pictures which way does the door swing? Into the hall or over the stairs? And what kind of latch are you using on these?

Jason and Heather said...


The gate is hinged on the wall and swings into the hall and up against the wall.

I don't have any latches on them yet. I built them so they a just a little bit snug so friction is holding them in place right now. I'll be getting some type of latches for them soon though, I will have to buy them online as Home Depot doesn't have anything that will work.