Thursday, June 2, 2011

Columns complete

Yesterday afternoon I finished painting the columns. I still have some trim to install on them but that needs to wait until the railing and balusters get installed.

I also attached the aluminum screen to the doors, installed them, and installed the screen all the way around the screen porch (except for one small area that needs some more framing). Hopefully today I can scrape, primer, paint and install the trim that covers the edges of the screen.


Deb said...

The columns look awesome.

Everyone needs to take a break from "This Old House" once in a while.

Amanda said...

Very nice! Good job!

Nina said...

Hi, someone referred me to your blog. I'm trying to find others who have stripped paint off the entire exterior of their homes. I have a 1914 Foursquare I am stripping and have been criminally charged by my city for restoring my house. Would love to be able to contact you about more information on your exterior stripping project.