Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the fence

This past weekend I got back to work on the fence. I've been working on the section in the back yard. This area is very overgrown and took quite a bit of time to clear out.

The above picture is the far back property line, our barn is about 6" over the line so I have to build the fence into the side of the barn to keep it inside the property line.

This one is the back right property line looking back. The line breaks right at the oak 40' before turning and going up to the street.

Here is the back property line with the posts in the ground, I'm digging all the holes by hand with a post hole digger so it's slow going.

The last two images above are the posts on the right property line. hopefully today I can get the cross braces up and start on the dog-ear pickets.

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