Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Electrical Inspection

We passed our electrical inspection today!

I went out to the house a few hours before I was supposed to meet the inspector so I could finish up on a few last minute things. When I got there I realized that I forgot to get a grounding rod and copper ground wire so it was off on a 40 mile round trip to Home Depot to get it.

I had enough time when I got back to clean up all the old, moldy drywall up off the floor in the sun room, run the copper wire from the panel to outside just under the meter socket, and hammer the grounding rod about halfway in before he got there.

He was actually a very nice guy, we talked about the house for a long time (he's an old house owner also) and he gave me a lot of helpful tips.

Here's the picture of our meter socket with the county's inspection sticker on it:

By the way, it's no fun hammering an 8' ground rod in with nothing but a hammer. It took close to an hour:

We're hoping to get the power on by the end of the week, then the real work begins!

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mike & rachel said...

Looks like you did good - I figured you'd have fun with the rod! They make an attachment to go on a big Hilti drill that you can use the hammer drill mode to drive the rod into the ground. Takes only a few minutes that way. Most of the time I've had to do it the old fashion way - a good work out!