Sunday, November 16, 2008

More electrical work

I spent most of the day today under the house tearing out old wiring. It's very cramped under there, towards the back there is about 4' of room but near the front that drops to about 2' or less. I'm having to crawl around on my stomach in the dirt, which has the consistency of baby powder so it sticks like crazy to everything.

I also took every outlet apart to see if it had old wiring or newer wiring so I would know how many new circuits I'll have to run. At least one outlet in each room was Knob & Tube, most of the others were very old metal conduit type wiring. All these were ripped out so new romex could be run. The two shots below are typical of most outlets in the house:

I'll be installing new boxes, new romex, and new outlets to replace all the old outlets. There are also a lot of outlets we want to add but that can wait until we have the power on.

There are a number of outlets I cant get to from underneath the house because of the old steam pipes, so tomorrow I'll be bringing my sawzall and extension cords. The neighbor is letting me use his power for this. I'll be cutting the steam pipes out of the way.

These dont look too safe. Luckily they are under the portion of the house that used to be a porch. This area will be torn down and a deck built in it's place.


Larry said...

Is that insulation or a rat's nest in the second picture?

Jason and Heather said...

That's actually a squirrels nest. This wall borders the section that will be torn down. There are a bunch of squirrels living in the roof and walls of that area.