Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yet again more yard work

I'm beginning to think I'll never get this yard done. Here are a few more before and afters:

First the barn area. I'm still nowhere near done:

The entire area to the left of the barn has yet to be done. You can also see the huge yard debris pile that I've built up. The thinned out stuff to the right is in the meadow:

Next is the meadow:

There is still a lot to do in this area also but it's already looking a lot better:

Another angle:

I found this unusual bottle in the yard while working yesterday:

I know the bottle is newer than the mid 1800's because the seam goes all the way up the bottle and through the neck and lip.

If you look very closely at the lip of the bottle you can see that it has a notch in it, possibly for holding the cap on... maybe? The letters on the bottle are very strange, on the front it has what looks like a number "3" but with an extra part on top of it, followed by what appear to be two lower case "i"s. I cant make out the writing on the bottom of the bottle at all.

We probably wont be back out there today. I'm actually thinking of doing some work on the Oxford-Boynton House.


Sandy said...

At first glance I thought it was an old Heinz bottle... did you try filling it with some colored water to see if you could read the bottom better? I just love old bottles.

Larry said...

Looking good!

Reminds me of our property when we first bought it!

All you need is a safari hat and some wild animals!

Omar said...

Hi there, stumbled across your blog -- looks like a great project. Keep up the good work!